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A Chinese-English Dictionary in Your Pocket

95,000+ Entry Dictionary
Based on CC-CEDICT, HippoDICT provides both Traditional and Simplified characters, Pinyin pronunciations and English definitions.
Robust Zhuyin Support
HippoDICT is the only C-E dictionary in the App Store with Zhuyin pronunciations for all entries, as well as support for the iPhone's Zhuyin keyboard.
Top-notch Speed and Performance
HippoDICT starts fast, runs fast and searches fast. The app launches in only 2 seconds (even faster on the 3GS and 4), the interface is always smooth and responsive, and searches almost always take less than one second.
Unified Search
Search for entries by English, Pinyin or Zhuyin (with or without tones), or by drawing the characters directly, all from one search box. You can even enter numbers.
Accurate & Relevant Search Results
Our proprietary algorithm ranks all entries and gives you the most accurate and relevant results first.
One-Touch Web Integration
One touch access to several of the best online Chinese/English resources.
Custom Entry Support
Add your own custom entries to any deck. You can enter as much as you like. You’ll still get the same character etymology and radical info as with the built-in entries.
Back Up & Restore Decks
Back up your decks to your computer, or restore them from a previous backup.
Elegant, Intuitive Interface
HippoDICT is information rich, yet clutter free.

A Study Tool & Memory Aid in Your Pocket

Organize with Decks
Decks are completely flexible. Create decks according to your own needs — study lessons, commonly-used terms, new vocab, old vocab, stuff you just have a hard time remembering, etc.
Study with Flashcards
Easily turn Decks into Flashcards. HippoDICT keeps statistics on each Deck so you know which entries need more review.
Memorize with the Learning Deck
Put all of your entries into the Learning Deck and let HippoDICT manage your studying. It employs a SuperMemo-based learning algorithm to adaptively adjust how often you see each entry so you don't waste time on vocabulary you already know.

See HippoDICT in action before buying.
HippoDICT Video Walkthrough
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